Content License

As stated on my profile, my original content is currently provided under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless either otherwise specified, or derivative of a work that is incompatible with that license.

Creative Commons discourages attempting to provide "clarification" of license terms because "it often runs the risk of crossing the line to become a modification of how the licenses work," so I am modifying a long discussion I previously briefly had about the ramifications of this choice, in favor of a much more concise set of points.

The license explicitly mentions that the conditions of attribution (BY) may be satisfied in "any reasonable manner based on the medium, means and context...For example, it may be reasonable to satisfy the conditions by providing a URI or hyperlink to a resource that includes the required information." In both ActivityPub and IndieWeb contexts, the inclusion of the permalink to the note or article on my site meets that description.

If you want to inquire about using any of my content for commercial purposes, or if you may be producing a derivative work and have a problem with using a CC-NY-NC-SA license, please contact me and be sure to mention what it is you want to do and what content is involved.