self-hosting jargon

Well, I've found another thing I may need to work on for my site...when people respond to my articles (reply, like, mention, et cetera), the Notifications page where I can review those things (inbound interactions with me in general show up there, as opposed to my stream or inbox where I can read everything from the folks I follow, whether it addresses me or not)...shows my entire article along with every one of those interactions.

Considering how much I tend to ramble, that can make it pretty hard to keep track when scrolling through multiple reactions to one! I should dig into that part of the code and at least style my own writing differently, probably either collapse or truncate it, and maybe in the case of articles even just show myself the link... I should also capture that desire on my Indieweb user page.

That said, it's a fun problem to have. Thanks for your kind words and reactions; I'm glad some folks enjoyed my rambling!