Merry Christmas, folks. Got wrapped today. I've got some stuff I think I want to write up as an article about my site ( ) with respect to syndicating and backfeed; I need to run a test and submit a bug report (or possibly a pull request) to before I forget about it; and I have a book I want to finish soon; but over the next week I hope to make some more serious inroads on .

Long-Winded Introduction

10 PRINT "Hello World!"

Hi, I'm Bob. AKA 0x3b0b or 3b0b (both of which I also pronounce Bob) since shortly after in 2021; I use the (UTF codepoint 3B0B) ideograph in a lot of places to continue the theme because that's the kind of sense of humor I have. (I haven't found any indication of it being offensive - it apparently means "name of a star" which I think is pretty cool.)

I've been in professionally since 2005. The interest started with a Commodore 64 when my age was in single digits, but I wasn't one of those prodigies writing full-fledged programs as a kid; prior to high school I only dabbled.

I'm a nerd; player; , and fan; and dabbler in and , as an extension of an interest in acquired as a programmer. I've been meaning to get into and for years now and I'm finally getting around to it - I've got an article in the works about why (and why now), and about how I'm setting it up. I look forward to seeing how wrong I manage to get it.

My website is running, which means it can act as a citizen of both the Indieweb and the Fediverse; but I'm running the dev version, and I'm not sure what it can and can't do, so I will be experimenting with how to use it in combination with other services and my Disroot account. While I'm working on that, content may or may not be syndicated, and likes/replies/etc. on syndicated content may or may not be backfed to my site.

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