About This Site

As indicated in the footer, my blog is using microblog.pub, a single-user, ActivityPub-powered microblog. My fork, including some customizations (some of which I intend to contribute upstream), is on Github.

I expect to have more to say about that later, but there is some historical and (as of this writing) partly outdated information about it in my articles, post history, and Indieweb wiki user page.

If you have questions or suggestions about my site, as opposed to either microblog.pub in general or a specific note or article, the best place to bring those is probably my github fork. If you prefer to bring something to me privately, a Mentioned Actors Only note or one of the methods of contacting me you can find in my profile may be appropriate, but please be clear about the subject from the outset. Greetings without immediate topics have a high overlap with conversations I don't want to have, and I usually treat them as spam.