All right, settled in for the soon as I finish running some updates, it's time to see how much more of I can finish. I might have to come back to this fountain thing.

Tweaks to my site in the last couple days:

  • My Articles page was already marked up as an h-feed, but because the links to the posts were not marked up as h-entry it appeared empty. I remedied that and submitted an issue to the dev.
  • I added <link> so that, at least in theory, I can now support old-fashioned pingbacks by having forward them to me as webmentions.
  • Tracked down why, when I try to start composing a reply and one of the actors in the thread is a profile I can't retrieve (such as because their instance uses a whitelist I'm not on), I get a 500 error; wrapped the offending attempt to add them to the "@" list in a try and, for now, just drop them from the list, the same way the instance where my other account lives seems to do it. Submitted an issue for that too. (I might investigate later what happens if I try to leave the @-mention in place even though the lookup failed.)
  • Implemented a config toggle (not sure why I bothered to make it a config toggle; maybe I think other people might like it eventually?) to change the object IDs of posts from being a hex representation of a UUID to being a NewBase60-encoded...well, unix timestamp divided by 60, because I wanted resolution to the minute. Why? Because I have a few edge cases I think I might come across eventually in which I want to work around the fact that I can't easily edit my posts by predicting a permalink in advance. I may remove the division by 60 eventually, because I am pretty sure I generate one of those IDs for everything I do, and therefore I now can't post two things within the same minute. That might not sound like a big deal given how long my notes are (no, I can't type this much in under a minute), but the ID in question is also used as the ActivityPub ID of the action, so it applies - I'm pretty sure, and have tested at least one combination - to likes, shares, and so forth as well. By comparison...well, I suppose I might try to like and boost something within the same second, but not often. Anyhow, I'll see how it goes - the other nice thing about it is that as far as I can tell, since the IDs were already just something standing in to be unique, I can switch it up whenever I like and it just affects my posts during the time I have that configuration active. Come to think of it, I should make it configurable whether it uses seconds or minutes. Maybe tomorrow.

So there's just one problem, from my perspective. Which is that before I decided to muck around with all that, I had meant to use this weekend to work on the , because I thought I might actually try to submit my write-up this year... 🤦🏼

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#Indieweb testing

With apologies to my disadvantage of this setup, I guess...I've decided it's time to try to test sending and receiving webmentions, using

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test 6 Test 7 Test 8 Test 9 Test 10 Test 11 Test 12 Test 13 Test 14 Test 15 Test 16 Test 17 Test 18 Test 19 Test 20 Test 21 Test 22 Test 23

Webmention Rocks!

Merry Christmas, folks. Got wrapped today. I've got some stuff I think I want to write up as an article about my site ( ) with respect to syndicating and backfeed; I need to run a test and submit a bug report (or possibly a pull request) to before I forget about it; and I have a book I want to finish soon; but over the next week I hope to make some more serious inroads on .

Decided to celebrate getting caught up in by trying to post a note with a client.

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Long-Winded Introduction

10 PRINT "Hello World!"

Hi, I'm Bob. AKA 0x3b0b or 3b0b (both of which I also pronounce Bob) since shortly after in 2021; I use the (UTF codepoint 3B0B) ideograph in a lot of places to continue the theme because that's the kind of sense of humor I have. (I haven't found any indication of it being offensive - it apparently means "name of a star" which I think is pretty cool.)

I've been in professionally since 2005. The interest started with a Commodore 64 when my age was in single digits, but I wasn't one of those prodigies writing full-fledged programs as a kid; prior to high school I only dabbled.

I'm a nerd; player; , and fan; and dabbler in and , as an extension of an interest in acquired as a programmer. I've been meaning to get into and for years now and I'm finally getting around to it - I've got an article in the works about why (and why now), and about how I'm setting it up. I look forward to seeing how wrong I manage to get it.

My website is running, which means it can act as a citizen of both the Indieweb and the Fediverse; but I'm running the dev version, and I'm not sure what it can and can't do, so I will be experimenting with how to use it in combination with other services and my Disroot account. While I'm working on that, content may or may not be syndicated, and likes/replies/etc. on syndicated content may or may not be backfed to my site.

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